Hola! I’m Byrdie Franco-Rocha. I believe each day is an opportunity to be creative, exercise experience and learn something new. I strive to improve myself, my projects and my relationships along the way.

And projects I have many. You might find me creating marketing strategies and producing videos one day then flipping houses or styling a client the next. Creativity. It’s a lifestyle and I like to make it a fly one!

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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun”

― Mary Lou Cook

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Speaker on Social Media

Guest speaking at local university. Speaking to college students is fun. I love the challenge of capturing their attention. This class in particular was about social media--so the students are already distracted by the make of the course alone. However, it was...

Be Bold: Health Goals – #BSoFit to #BSoFly

Look through any of my #BSoFit to #BSoFly social media or blog posts, and you will find that my journey to health is always a goal of mine. The weight loss piece of that goal is the hardest and that is why I have to include  it in my Be Bold goals for 2017. In 2016 I...

Be Bold: Business Goals – #BSoFly with Byrdie Franco

Whether you are in business for yourself, for a company or still working out your status of CEO of your life (aren't we all?), goals are essential for reaching success. A success defined and approved by you. But let me pause for a bit.Before I even get into this post...

Be Bold: Word of The Year – Consistent – #BSoFly with Byrdie Franco

Hello and Happy New Year! My word of the year, why I picked it and how I will apply it. Plus, some tips on choosing your own WOTY. 2017 is going to be wonderful! The reason I know this is because I have decided it. I am planing away and already checking off to-do's on...

How this Texas entertainment business is changing the social enterprise game. #CasaBlanca #MySantikos #SantikosLegacy #BSoFly

At the movies, do you ever get so caught up in action-packed blockbuster previews that you forget what film it is you are there to see? That happens to me all the time. The marketer in me even enjoys some of the advertising peppered into those previews often filled...

Attend Minority-Owned Business Summit–Houston,Texas–#VZWHoustonSMB #BSoFocused

  Creating two-thirds of American jobs, small businesses do more than sustain the entrepreneurs that lead those companies. They sustain America. Therefore it is imperative that entrepreneurs continue to thrive and one way they can do so is by growing their...


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