If this movie were about me and my little one, it would be called 34 weeks.

That’s when I delivered my baby. He was early. But, having him early was necessary. It was tough but beautiful. Seeing this film brought back so many happy emotions and also reminded me of some of the scarier things that I tend to place in an alcove in my mind.

The film 40 Weeks follows 13 real and quite diverse women through their pregnancy. I attended the San Antonio movie premier a couple of weeks ago thanks to an invite from Dr. Smith’s.  Just like pregnancy,the movie is full of ups and downs. As a mother, I can definitely relate to something in each woman’s story. Whether it is the anticipation to dress a little boy in classic gentlemen apparel, the adjustments in exercise and daily movement or the fear of disease during pregnancy.

Pregnancy 411

The documentary is educational and entertaining. My friend Marlene, a marketing professional saw the film with me and also enjoyed it despite the fact that she is not a mom nor does she plan to be.


Myself and Marlene

“I really enjoyed and liked it more than I thought I would. Part of the reason is that it was very educational and I learned a lot. I never understood when my pregnant friends complained about certain things and now after watching the movie I do,” she said.

Some of the ways we are educated through the film are not just by the experiences of the women but also by the advice and information of various healthcare experts that are also interviewed in the documentary. The film is sponsored and supported by many companies and non-profits including The March of Dimes and Dr. Smith’s rash ointment. So there is also education on products and groups that you might need during pregnancy.


Director and Producer with Marlene and Myself


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How the movie got started

In fact, the idea for the film stemmed from producer Dominique Debroux during her pregnancy. She suffered from horrible morning sickness and relied heavily on visual or non text-heavy resources for information. She found a lack of video that summed up pregnancy. So she and her husband, film director Christopher Henze decided to create 40 Weeks.

When Hollywood said no

I love hearing the back story to stories. Remember I mentioned how the audience gets educated on pregnancy by not just the women in the film but also by experts? Well, here is how that happened. When Christopher Henze began working on the film, he first went straight to his Hollywood contacts to sell the idea. In short, no one bought it. Apparently, Hollywood did not think pregnancy was magical enough for them. But, that did not stop the husband and wife duo from conceiving their movie baby.
Producer Dominique Debroux got in touch with carefully selected companies that develop and sell baby and new mom products as well as organizations that educate the community about baby and new mom issues. With their support, the film was created. Brilliant!

The movie was personal

I personally am a fan of one of those companies, Mission Pharmacy (official sponsor of 40 Weeks) which is the maker of Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray. That stuff rocks and it lasts a long time too. I’ve been alternating two bottles for six months! I am also a fan of March of Dimes, because of the work they do to help babies and for me, especially premature babies.

My baby spent a month in the NICU before we were able to bring our five-pound bundle of absolute joy home (He was a little over four pounds at birth). I suffered from a few of the diseases that came up during Vicky Vargas’ journey. But the biggest factor in my early delivery was preeclampsia, a condition related to hypertension that can eventually lead to eclampsia or seizures.
I wish the film would have gone a little more in detail about the reality of these common conditions but since it was a documentary, I’m glad they did not have to. I certainly do not wish what I had to go through for anyone. What is cool is that you can learn more on the film’s blog.

Today, my baby is six months old and thriving! He is so amazing and I just count my blessings every moment.

I think you should check it out

Overall I think this movie is very insightful and a must see for expecting moms or those who would like to have a child. And like my friend Marlene said, it is also a good documentary for those that just want to understand or support their pregnant loved ones.

To purchase the film click here.


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This is a sponsored review. I received compensation for writing it but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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