Why is it special this year, my birthday that is? It’s special because it’s a year to B So Fly! It’s a year to do some things I’ve always wanted to do, or at least take a direct step towards them. In fact, starting this blog as I stated I would last year is already a fly accomplishment!

To launch, I wanted to let you in on an inside joke with a video.

It’s my bootstrapped version of a scene from Eddy Murphy’s Coming to American movie. In the club scene there’s this girl and she blabs about how she wants to do it all as an entertainer.

Well, my family has always tagged me as that girl. When I veer off into my projects, volunteerism, classes etc. They ask, “You really do want to produce your own videos don’t you?” And, we laugh. Yeah, I guess I do. But, really, I just want to live life and do stuff that I’ve always wanted to do even if it’s in a small way because you never know unless you try right?

Anyhow, I’ll save getting to deep in blog post number one and show you.




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