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These days if you are not up on the latest tech trends, it can be easy to feel left out, stressed even. Well, I found a way to get acquainted with tech in a fun and simple way.

By shopping! That’s right. Shopping.

No budget? No problem, window shopping with a friend works too.
Hate crowds? Try it on a weekday. But the store I’m recommending has so many employees that you will not be in line for long. The employees are also techies that will teach you the basics you need to feel confident in your device and lingo.

How will shopping help you or your loved one become a techie? My recommendation is to stop by a Verizon Wireless Destination store. If you are in Texas, Houston has one of the newest state-of-the-art shops in the U.S.

A mobile lifestyle review of Houston’s Destination Store by blogger Byrdie Franco

Posted by Verizon Wireless on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Check out my trip to the Verizon Wireless Houston Destination Store by clicking on this video link above

More than cell phones

The Verizon Wireless Destination store has all of the latest in cell phone technology and accessories for various operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows. So it’s a great way to become familiar with what each system provides and how it can be use for your lifestyle. But cell phones and tablets are just the beginning. I got the opportunity to check out the Houston destination store and immediately felt even more like a techie by playing with the latest technology.

In order to leave the store a techie, you have to check out the Lifestyle Zones or stations that go beyond mobile phones.

verizon store houstonverizon houston store fitness

Here are five ways to become a techie while shopping :

Amplify It – an immersive music experience for the music aficionado*

I loved the selection of wireless speakers and headphones. I love explaining why my UE Boom speaker is purple too. Verizon supports awareness of domestic violence prevention through the Hope Line and uses the color purple on their tech as a way to do so by donating proceeds from the sales of those items to violence prevention organizations.

Anywhere Business – to meet the need of Houston’s deep roots in the energy and healthcare industries, as well as the mobile professional and entrepreneur*

I am now in need of a GoPro camera! My birthday is in April. Just putting it out there.

Customize It – a special on-site photo booth to create one-of-a-kind smartphone accessories that make a style statement*

I can’t wait to get a customized cover for my phone with #BabySoFly! Pick your favorite picture or art work. I’m sure it will be a conversation starter while you’re picking up your morning coffee. Cheers techie!

Get Fit – an interactive area for the active sports and fitness buff to engage hands-on with the latest technology*

My new VivoFit by Garmin has really opened my eyes to how much more I need to move! A smart band is a must for any new or seasoned techie.

Have Fun – unique tech toys for gamers and tech toy enthusiasts*

Now that the weather is better, I am ready to play with my Parrot mini drone. If you have kids, this is almost a sure way to get outside and be the cool techie parent with them. Maybe you will even score some brownie points with their friends. For some it could be a cool way to have a feline point of view but for me, I think I’ll study shoes.

Home and On The Go – a “connected” home that demonstrates home monitoring and energy management devices*
This is probably the most unexpected tech at least for me. So in that sense I really felt like a techie when I left the store. I can talk to my pets and baby even when I’m not in the room with my new DropCam Pro. You can even learn how to monitor you temperature or lock and unlock your front door without a key. How about that for impressing your next house guest techie?

If for some reason you can’t get to a Verizon Wireless destination store, then check out the links in this post to learn about each area of tech. It’s not as fun as the store, but at least it will get you even more ready for when you do have time to go in person. Hope you enjoyed this tip on how to become a techie in one day and let me know which zone is your favorite.

*Station names and description taken from the Verizon Wireless website.


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