Whether you are in business for yourself, for a company or still working out your status of CEO of your life (aren’t we all?), goals are essential for reaching success. A success defined and approved by you.

But let me pause for a bit.Before I even get into this post though I want to share something. I find myself tired and ready to go to bed. I work in the morning (Saturday) and need to get up early. Yet, I have two hours or less to meet a goal–to write this post. I nearly forgot that I promised this post to you.I traveled today, went grocery shopping upon arriving, had dinner, read my baby his book and when it became clear baby was not going to sleep, I took his toy to the other room and told my husband he was on baby duty since I was ready to lay down. Then my husband said, “did you finish your post already?”  Well, my response was something like $*%!  No. I had not. Immediatly I began to wonder if I can find an excuse to work on it tomorrow, then I realized I have a day and night full of commitments and….you get the idea. It took about one minute to realize. I have to do this now. For one, I promised you I would, and secondly it was written in my planner. So I recited in my head “Consistent” my WOTY, and opened up the laptop.

See to reach a goal I have to be consistent. I picked that word because I knew it would help me reach my goals. Sharing goals with people that support me is another method I am using to attain success this year.  So today I want to share some of my goals related to business specifically.

goal | ɡōl/ | noun
1. (in football, soccer, rugby, hockey, and some other games) a pair of posts linked by a crossbar and often with a net attached behind it, forming a space into or over which the ball has to be sent in order to score.
2. the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

 Business Goals:

More Working outside the home office specially co-working with likeminded people. I have dedicated office hours carved out for specific businesses (I wear many biz hats) so I want to give each of them the time they need to grow or phase out. I also have a couple people I meet with regularly to collaborate with or simply exchange positivity with in between work shifts.

More Workshops. I have four vision board workshops scheduled for the year after successfully launching in 2016. I am even taking them to Dallas this year.

More BSoFly. After updating the blog, I will continue to improve on the website this year and produce more content especially via video, a passion I have always had. Remember when I almost didn’t feel like writing this post? Uh-Uh sista! I will be like Nike and just do it.

Room for Growth. Room for Change. I have designed my businesses to a point where I can grow professionally as well. If an opportunity comes my way, I am more confident I can make the right choice of taking it on or not. I am also reaching out to opportunities that I feel are truly right for me.

If you saw my planner you would fine many, many goals. But I wanted to highlight some big ones fore me and hope that you can cheer me on and get inspired to keep at your goals and what you are doing to #BSoFly

Over the next weeks, I will go more in depth about my goals through the Be Bold 2017 link-up. To participate in this link up, click the button below to add your word of the year blog post to our link-up so we can cheer each other on!


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