I recently became a Verizon Ambassador and so far it's going great.

Being a brand ambassador is a job that I became very familiar with about five years ago when I was a marketing manager for a college. I actually created the job description for the role and eventually hired and managed my own team of ambassadors. So when I was approached by Verizon to join their South team, I had to learn more.

Representing a company or organization is a great opportunity to learn and more importantly share knowledge.

It's a serious job but it can be a really fun job. When I met with Verizon to talk about the role, I didn't have to think twice about it. I had a small concern at first, but Verizon worked with me on that issue and made it very easy to accept the position.

For my tools, I received a Samsung Galaxy S5 smarphone and an Ellipsis tablet, both powered by Verizon.

I will be sharing more on each device throughout the rest of the year but here is a list of what I am immediately excited about:

Trying Android. I am an iPhone user and have been curious about Android and all its widgets and Apps.

Verizon Ellipsis Tablet

Using a, tablet vs. a laptop. For the last few years I have lugged around a laptop to conferences, trips and coffee shops. The Ellipsis tablet from Verizon will be my first true tablet experience. Yes, you read correctly, this is the first tablet I OWN.  

Verizon and AT&T Service

Testing out Verizon vs other service providers. I have used other big-name service providers in the past but this will be the first time I try out Verizon. I have been curious about Verizon for several years now. I got really interested after attending several events  and first learning about 4G LTE service through a Verizon spokesperson. At the same time I got to see how involved Verizon is in the Hispanic community; that community commitement was a huge bonus for me. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Health App Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Modes Samsung Galaxy S5 Polaris App


Samsung Galaxy S5 5 features such as the camera modes and standardized apps, like the S health and Polaris Office 5. 

Understanding the opportunity that being an ambassador brings makes me really appreciate the time I get to try the Galaxy S5 and Ellipsis tablet from Verizon. Technology is a huge part of the #bsofly lifestyle so stay tuned to see how the journey goes. 


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