Before I begin to answer that. I have to ask, why even create this thing we call a blog? There are already more than 30 million bloggers in the United States alone, (1) who cares about one more?

I ask myself this all the time. Especially when I find myself scrolling through my social media feeds and thinking “wow, that’s a cool post…I’ll read the rest of it later.” Even when I’m watching a movie, and think about all the work, costs, and people it took to make even a single scene possible, and wonder, “is it worth it?”

My point is, that in a world with so much content that even absolutely amazing work rarely gets our full attention, the process and purpose of creation takes on a whole new meaning. Some create because they can’t help themselves; they are 100% artists. Others create to make money. Some hope for fame. Then, there are those that manage to accomplish all three. Good for them! 

For me, the process of creating is for personal satisfaction. I hope people like it. If I’m lucky, maybe someone will get inspired and do something…fly. I’m not too sure what tomorrow will hold. Maybe in a year this space will serve a different purpose in my life. But, today, it’s all about being FLY.

The meaning of BSoFly simply means…going for it.

It means being yourself and living your life despite the expectations that others and even sometimes we put on ourselves. Remember what you wanted to do when you "grew up?" 


In this world we have to keep moving. If we can't run, we walk. If we can't walk, we crawl. Sometimes we get stuck and need a push, but ultimately, we want to fly.



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