Gloomy weather dampened my plans to explore the Spring blooms in Alamo city in search of Bluebonnets and such today.

I am hoping to get #BabySoFly in front some of State-flower-filled beds soon, but today, was not that day. On the bright side, I got a baby sitter to stay indoors with baby, leaving a couple of hours for errands and exploring. I decided to see what other city beauty my husband and I  could find despite the rain.

I knew I still wanted to capture a few photos during what turned out to be a mini date (after our errands of course). However, I did not feel like carrying around my SLR. Thanks to Verizon, I have a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 that helped capture my #WordlessWednesday today. The two keys things that I love about this phone is 1) I don’t need a bulky case for it. It is shatter proof! And good thing too, I totally dropped it today on the concrete. 2) Taking pics is a snap. No need to look for the capture button when shuttering a shot. Touch any area on the screen and snap, pic taken.

I invite you to check out a few of my photos from my day. On a rainy day I decided to go indoors to a restaurant that is a staple stop when in San Antonio. It’s unlike any other place, because not only are they open 24/7, it is Christmas-like 24/7! And the best thing, its Mexican food (but I’m on diet!) On the way there, I found myself taking in a little nature with some little guys that did not mind the rain.

So, next time your plans don’t pan out, make a mini adventure of your day! You might even run into Elvis 🙂


Hope you enjoy the pictures. Which do you think is my favorite? Here is a hint, it was an accidental shot.

I am a member of #VZWBuzz, a pretty cool team of Verizon influencers and I I receive devices and other benefits from time to time. All opinions are strictly my own.



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