I can not go to bed  or even truly relax at my home without checking if the garage door is closed. I have been known to checking it more than once, or twice just to be sure it is shut tight. You can imagine my paranoia when I leave my house and wonder…”Did I close the garage door?”

So, when I heard about the MyQ Garage opener by Chamberlain, a gadget that makes it possible to monitor and manage my garage door from my smart phone, I was so ready to try it out!

The MyQ Garage door opener lets you open or close your door from your phone or tablet and also allows you to customize it to give you alerts of when your garage door opens and closes. How cool is that? It’s great not just for that extra sense of security, but also works great for that quick run around the neighborhood or when you need to let a friend in but don’t want to get out of bed.  In fact, about three weeks ago, I had to get in the garage and did not have my opener with me. My husband who was traveling, opened the garage door from his phone while in another state! How cool is that?

Set-up was a semi-breeze. As you might know, I am not a fan of long set-up processes.

The MyQ Garage only has two physical components: A Wi-Fi Hub and a sensor.

Though it is not obligatory to screw in the items , I asked my husband to help me install them with his drill. That process did not take too long but if you are not comfortable with a power tool, then maybe get some help or simply align the Wi -Fi Hub close to a power outlet and use the velcro strips that come in the package to mount the sensor by the door.

After the manual set-up, download the app and follow the instructions.

During this part of the installation, I had some tech issues with my phone so we simply downloaded the app to my husband’s phone instead. Once you download the app, be sure to be in close proximity to the sensor and hub for the initial setting up process.

That’s it!

Oh and a couple other cool things to know about the MyQ Garage is that it is compatible with Nest Products and works with most brands of garage doors made after 1993.

Check out this video of my installation process!



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