In case you haven’t heard. I am a new mommy to a beautifully perfect and amazingly awesome baby boy. My little babe was originally due October 3. But, he got here early, and all neatly organized plans were thrown out the window. Work deadlines had to be adjusted, meetings were canceled and all things baby got fast-forwarded. With six weeks less to prepare, I took to technology with my Samsung Galaxy S5 powered by Verizon to help me stay on track. 

Here are six ways your smartphone or tablet can help you keep some organization during those first few weeks of motherhood. 

Feedings, Diapers, Medication and More

Feed Baby App

Apps like Feed Baby are super helpful. If you are like me, your cell phone is usually close by and accessible. Tracking your baby's feedings, wet, dirty or dry diapers, baths, temperature etc. can be overwhelming. This app helps keep all of that data in one place. It even has an option for breastfeeding and pumping times. And, since it works as a widget, it gives you reminders too. It’s perfect to use as reference when baby is fussy or to report to your pediatrician.

Memories with Photos and Video

Babies grow quickly. You want to take as many photos and video as possible. I know I do! My baby is changing everyday. He is still growing areas that were meant to happen in utero so my smartphone camera is almost always a stretch away and ready to document my baby’s cuteness at all times. Once you grab a few daily pictures, make sure to explore your cameras options to get a little more creative. My favorite feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Selective Focus mode. I can blur out the background and focus in on toothless smiles and innocent eyes instead. Here is a picture of what the nurses at the NICU called a "lovie." It is a sock doll created by a group called "Threads of Love" that is meant to carry the mother's scent. It is left at the bedside for baby for when mom isn't able to be there (Thank you Threads of Love).

selective focus samsung galaxy s5

And finally, add final touches on your photos such as frames, filters or text on your photos with apps like Pic Collage and Photo Editor Pro.

Germ-Free Baby Gazing

Now that you have amazing photos, share them. It’s hard to tell your loved ones no when it comes to visiting. But, if you have to limit company at home for a while, use social media to give updates on your baby. Making your loved ones a part of your babies life virtually is OK, especially those first few weeks that you are getting adjusted to home and baby is extra delicate. Text messaging, email and apps like Facebook and Instagram are still very popular and effective for this.

Don’t Miss Your Appointments

A campaign called Text For Baby sends text messages to your phone with general yet very timely information. You can start this communication as soon as you find out you are pregnant but the application also sends helpful tips for after baby arrives. Even your spouse or others can sign up for Text For Baby and get alerts tailored for them. Think, flu shot reminders or tips on caring for mommy.

samsung galaxy s5 calendar

For your specific needs, you can use your phone’s calendar to log in doctor appointments and other deadlines. I like that you can view your appointments with different options. The Agenda view is my favorite as it creates a list of events that's an easy, at-a-glance view. 

Emergency Preparedness

The Red Cross has several apps for emergency situations. I like the First Aid app they offer. You can check it out and get an idea of what to do in emergency situations but it also is a way to benchmark areas that you might want to become more acquainted with such as CPR for infants. Encourage your spouse or family members to also download the app. It can be overwhelming and scary to see all the things that can go wrong so leave some of that planning to them those first few weeks. Focus on the key possible scenarios at first (again, CPR).

Baby Entertainment

Lullabies and stories are a good way to bond with your baby and there are apps for this. I personally like to make up random lyrics for my baby. It’s an easy way for him to hear my voice and for me to whip up a song, which is usually a tweaked version of a Beyonce hit. I’m just saying…But sometimes, it’s nice to sing a classic. So when I don’t know the complete lullaby, I turn to an app like Baby Lyrics and Songs to help guide me.  

Your smartphone can be filled with ways to help with baby. But those first few weeks are overwhelming enough. So focus on figuring out YOUR sleep opportunites and of course the best ways you will care for your baby. You will get many more tips (some unwanted for sure) from friends and family. So until your phone can change diapers itself, let it help you keep track of it all and do what works for you.


I am an ambassador for Verizon and received either product or compensation for my post. All opinions are my own. For more information about Verizon's mobile lifestyle, follow #VZWBuzz on social media. 


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