One phone. Three Mods.

The new  Verizon exclusive #MotoZ smartphone is amazing!

In addition to being a super thin, sleek and resistant smart phone, smart phone technology now converts your phone into a whole different product. Talk about innovation!

Today I am sharing the unboxing of the MotoZ and the three available Moto Mods:

  • The JBL Sound Boost Speaker which lets you listen to you phone audio in full speaker quality, instantly.
  • The Power Pack, a non-bulky, wireless way to add an extra 22 hours of battery life to your phone!
  • The Moto Insta-Share Projector, share photos, presentations, movies anytime anywhere!


I can’t wait to use everything. Follow along on my social media for more updates as I apply this new technology! For now, check out the unboxing and get a sneak peek!

For more info click here Verizon!

I am a member of #VZWBuzz, a pretty cool team of Verizon influencers and I I receive devices and other benefits from time to time. All opinions are strictly my own.




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