I have been on a few trips since I have started my transformation work and have done really well during those trips. I have either lost or maintained my weight. BUT, that is not always the case.

Things to consider when traveling:

  • Plane, Train or Automobile. When I drive, I can meal prep and carry the kitchen sink in my car. When I have to fly, staying on plan is a bit more challenging.
  • Support. I had family with me during my road trips so if I needed help cooking my food and was in a rush, they were huge in my success there. When I travel alone or with business colleagues, schedules and therefore temptations can be tricky.
  • Hotel accommodations.  When I have my own hotel room or stayed in a house with a kitchen, it is way easier to meal prep. Again, meal prepping is a huge part in diet success so being able to spread all my things around and not worry about space is nice.

During a trip to D.C., I not only had the baggage/airport situation, but also the hotel situation was not favorable. I shared a room with other professionals and had to be attentive to their space and comfort. I did not want to be the roommate that stunk up the room. Ha! Also, my agenda included a lot of meetings in locations where food was not allowed or carrying around food was not realistic (walking for miles in the rain for one).

That said, I fell of plan a couple of days during the D.C. trip (but was perfect during a more local trip) and also fell off my water intake and even my sleep was affected. Not good for weight loss. However, when I did have to make food choices, I worked really hard to stay positive and minimize the damage. Here are some takeaways:

  • Stay away from alcohol – I believe it takes longer to lose weight if you have been drinking too so just order your diet coke at the bar. I did.
  • Stay away from sweets – Don’t do it. If you must indulge in something, have a coffee with stevia or Splenda (I am avoiding artificial sweeteners as well…I know…)
  • Stay away from pastries – Have your protein shake for breakfast and during the day when needed.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Have the protein and vegetable options.  They may not be cooked to your plan, but they will be better than being deprived.
  • Keep the routine you can manage. If you weigh in everyday or write a journal, keep that up. It will help you stay focused and make the choices above easier to make.



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