It’s been more than three months since I started my serious body transformation journey. Like most people, I’ve had many weight loss journeys. In the last five years alone I’ve had two significant ones where I’ve lost 30 pounds each time, maybe more. But in the last decade, I have yet to completely keep those pounds off much less loose more.

That’s when I decided that it was time to do something different. I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a semi-personal training program. A friend of mine from college has done so well on the program that I decided to check it out.  On August 20 I went to my first work out session. About a week later, I started the diet. Yes, I said the four-letter-word.  D-I-E-T.  I’m. On. A. Diet.

OK, now I know many of you don’t believe in diets and strict programs claiming them unrealistic but hear me out.  First, I agree with you. For the most part, a strict diet and exercise regimen is hard to keep up and here are just a few reasons why:

  • You love food (obvi)
  • You travel
  • You don’t have support
  • You have injuries
  • You’re lazy
  • Financial reasons
  • You are not serious or prioritize this

Now, having said that, I want to emphasize the last point. If you are serious and prioritize your weight loss, you can probably find a solution to all the other excuses.

Here is what I believe about dieting to date:

  • There are many and most of them work. IF YOU FOLLOW THEM
  • You don’t need to be on one to loose weight but you DO have to do something be it, count calories; reduce fatty and processed foods, sugars – something.
  • Diet alone will be the key to really losing excess weight

My key thought on weight loss and why I am on a diet.

I believe that until you reach your weight loss goal (I mean really reach it) you have to be CONSISTENT with your diet (whichever process you pick).  If you fall of the diet, if you cheat constantly or take a bunch of breaks from your diet, the chances of you EVER getting to your goal are slim.  Now, if you stick with your process and push through until you get to your goal, THEN, you have a shot. You have a shot of living diet- free. That is what I am going for, a diet-free life where I have that balance and maintain a fit body.

In two months I lost 30 pounds.

In two months I lost 30 pounds.

A diet and exercise plan is one thing. But the true training is to help you maintain a fit body in the long run. Will you have to exercise consistently? Yes. Will you have to still be conscious of not overeating or overindulging too often? Yes.  And chances are you might need to go back to a diet every now and again to cleanse and stay focused. In fact, I look forward to doing that myself once I am in maintenance mode. But today, I am on a diet. I am prioritizing this goal.

Will I have tough moments? Sure. Will I stumble here and there. Most likely. Will I persevere? Yes! So cheer me on my journey to #BSoFit to #BSoFly.

Stay tuned for more updates on my journey and if I can help you with yours, reach out. I’d love to hear about it.



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